Lifemare Mediation & ADR Services, LLC. TERMS & CONDITIONS

Lifemare Mediation & ADR Services, LLC. takes pride in our mediations and put forth a lot of effort to ensure we are prepared for each mediation session scheduled. Therefore, please aware of our terms and cancelation policy.

All mediations fees are paid prior to mediation sessions. No appointments are considered confirmed without receipt of full payment. Mediation fees, once paid and scheduled are NON-REFUNDABLE. Parties are given a 24 hour grace period to cancel. After the grace period there will be a cancelation fee charged to canceling parties. No Exceptions.

Half Day Mediation (4) hours $250 Cancelation Fee Per Side
Full Day Mediation (8) hours $500 Cancelation Fee Per Side
Arbitration Hearings TBD Bases on Location
(minimum of $600 Cancelation)

*These fees apply to all services including video conference, phone conference or in person sessions.

If the mediation is rescheduled and conducted, we will apply any funds in excess of the $250 or $500, depending on type of session cancellation fee, toward the rescheduled mediation for the first occurrence. Any additional reschedules are subject to full cancelation fees and will be charged full amount for a schedule another sessions.

We will make every prudent effort to work with you, your client, and your schedule.