Lifemare Mediation & ADR Services, LLC.  headquarters is located in Greater Houston, TX area. We have recently expanded our practice to Georgia and Florida. Our company is establish on four core components:

  • Relevant

  • Integrity 

  • Care 

  • Excellence

Our goal is to assist our clients in mitigating their delicate

life disputes while creating a safe, confidential and

positive experience. 



The CEO of Lifemare Mediation & ADR Services, LLC.,

Shacobi Fluellen, has over 20 years of experience in

mediation. Her diverse education and employment

experience have afforded her the opportunity to work

with all social and economic backgrounds.

Mediation Certifications:

  • Basic: Civil Mediation 

  • Advance: Family-Divorce Child Custody Mediation 

  • Parenting Coordinator and Facilitator Training 

  • Elder & Adult Care Mediation 

  • Arbitration Certificate 

Academic Background: 

  • Bachelor's in Psychology

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology. 


Certification & Membership:

  • Lean Six Sigma Professional Certificate

  • Innovative Leadership Certification



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