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Mediation & ADR Services

All services can be conducted via:

  • Phone Conference

  • Video Conference

  • Face to Face


Family & Divorce Mediation

Life situations may occur which can leads to ending maritail vows,  if you are contemplating divorce consider consulting with us prior to obtaining a divorce attorney. Divorce mediation gives you the and the other party the opportunity to determine the end results.

Divorce mediation will not only save you and your spouse the considerable time and expense of an adversarial legal proceeding, but it will also shelter you and your children from the most harmful emotional effects of your divorce.

 Our services handle:

  • Divorce

  • Post-judgment Parenting Time

  • Custody Modification

  • Child Support


Elder & Adult Care Mediation

We offer a one hour mediation session to equip individuals dealing with conflict amongst family members regarding the care or assets of an aging parent(s) or the assets of a deceased love one. This serivce can make a healthy difference in the quality of a relationship between and among siblings, cousins, and other family combinations. Here are a few conflicts we address:

  • Contested Guardianship Petitions

  • Disputes Over Wills and Trusts

  • Money & Financial Disputes

  • Caregiving & Support

  • End-of-Life Decisions

*Full Day Session: Eight (8) hours

*Partial Session: Three (3) Hours

Additional Services

Civil Mediation

Civil disputes can be handled in mediation with a  speedy resolve to your legal matters. The other benefit to civil mediation is it is confidental and binding in court. Civil mediation is beneficial for the following conflicts:

  • Contract Disagreements

  • Personal Injury

  • Property Disputes

  • Employment Disputes

  • Accident / Insurance Claims

  • Landlord/ Tenant Dispute

*Full Day Session: Eight (8) hours

*Partial Session: Three (3) Hours



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Conflict Coaching 
Helps leaders and individuals deal with conflict more constructively at work and at home. These session are custom design to address your specific conflict(s).  Here are several aspect we address in our service:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Skill Building 

  • Create Healthy Effective Interpersonal and Organizational Skills



Our vision, here at Lifemare Mediation & ADR Services, LLC., 

is to provide award winning  cutting edge service.

We strive to meet the needs of our clients no matter how complex the dispute may be.

Our skillful techniques, experience and training sets us a part.





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